About Us

Viva Entertainment

Viva Entertainment LLC was established in 1999 in the State of New Jersey, USA to distribute ethnic Asian Indian Bollywood Film & Non-Film Repertoire in Audio CDs / DVDs / Blu-Ray Disc Physical Formats and Bollywood Feature films in theatrical Circuits; in USA, Canada and Caribbean Territory.

Viva Entertainment LLC entered the theatrical film distribution business in 2005 and has since released 85 Bollywood feature films in various Asian Indian languages; Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Tamil and Telugu in Cinemas across USA / Canada / Caribbean territory.

We take pride in our track record of ethical business practices, professional work, transparent transactions and most importantly honoring our commitments, with all the companies we have been associated or had business dealings, over the years gone by.


Gangadhar Kadaru is the Chief Executive of Viva Entertainment LLC, Managing the Marketing and theatrical distribution of Asian Indian films across USA, Canada & The Caribbean.

Gangadhar Kadaru, a go-getter, has been working for over three decades in various capacities across the world in the distribution business, related to Asian Indian entertainment industry. His experience is not only multi-national but also multi-lingual and multi-functional in areas such as Marketing, Distribution & Business Management. He has lived and worked across different countries; India, Dubai, GCC, Canada & USA. Extensive travels have given him an opportunity to experience various cultures, interact with varied businesses and different types of people, both professionally and personally to become an experienced entrepreneur with a balanced mindset.

Gangadhar Kadaru is a native of Chennai, India and hails from a family with illustrious film industry background. His paternal grandfather Late Kadaru Nagabhushanam was a renowned Producer and Director of 32 South Indian Films from 1941 to 1966.

Gangadhar Kadaru is a trusted and disciplined businessman, with a professional and result oriented approach to business.